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Top 5 Eco-Friendly Sustainable Yoga Mats!

Hello, My fellow Yogis ॐ ! Fantastic news. I have found 5 Eco-Friendly sustainable or biodegradable yoga mats to help you center your prana! There are so many ways to center yourself and live in harmony with Mother Earth. Why not bring your yoga practice to the next...

Why the World is Running Out of Clean Water

Clean Water Facts:   The world is running out of clean water because there isn't much potable (drinkable) water to start with. I bet that you have heard that 70% of the world's surface is covered by water. But did you know that 97.5% of it is salt water?  This means...

How to Diversify and Allocate your Finances

The diversification of your finances is one of the most important tasks you can work (or get started) on today. We often hear that the best time to start is now. The good news is that Millennials and the Z Generation still have a long life ahead of them. Saving and...

The Truth About Why a Sustainable Future is Critical

The transition to a sustainable future (including renewable energy) is critically important. This is because we are at a pivotal moment where we can make significant changes to alter our course in history. Change is never easy, but it will be much easier than facing a...

How to Pay for a Mortgage and Generate Cash Flow

How I was able to cover my mortgage and generate cash flow: Increasing your financial IQ with Real Estate Hacks I am sure you remember how 2012 was smack in the middle of the “Great Recession”. During this time I was able to purchase a 3 bedroom/3 bathroom + den with...

8 Awesome Sustainability Quotes You Need to Read!

I wanted to share a few great quotes that I found. Hopefully, you will take some time to really think about their message. There are always ways to implement more sustainable practices into your daily routine. I urge you to think about what kind of world you want your...

How to Increase Your Credit Score Right Now

What is a FICO (Credit Score) and How Does it Impact My Life?   A credit or FICO score is a number between 300 and 850. It is a number that lenders use to help them decide whether an individual is likely to repay a loan.   A high FICO score is one of the essential...

What is “Peak Everything”, and How Will it Impact You?

Peak Everything is a situation, unique in our world’s history. Raw materials such as metals, fossil energy, fresh water, fisheries, forests, etc. are reaching a plateau in production.    Individuals, society, and policymakers are increasingly coming to the agreement...


Saving the environment and preventing climate change is the most important issue we face today.


This challenge impacts every individual on this planet, regardless of social economic status or physical location.


This site helps you make a meaningful impact by providing sustainable products to prevent climate change, global warming, and resource depletion.


Is it odd that schools don’t teach children about sustainability or how to manage their finances?

These two topics impact everyone, yet we don’t teach our student about personal finance and sustainable living.

Meaning that people grow up and go out into the world without the proper preparation to handle their finances or what it means to live in harmony with the planet.


No wonder so many people are in debt or live month to month. Every person on this planet is impacted by the monetary system, and everyone has a financial report card.

My goal is to help as many people as possible make smarter financial decisions and live a more sustainable lifestyle!

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Conscious Consumerism

When consumers “vote” for earth-friendly products and practices by purchasing from companies who put its people and the planet first!!!
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Lynzee Lai

The goal of this site is to increase conscious consumerism (when consumers “vote” for earth-friendly products and practices by purchasing from companies who put its people and the planet first). The idea is that if there is a high demand for products that protect the environment, companies will be incentivized to expand their earth friendly product lines. On the other hand, environmentally damaging companies will be economically motivated to change their practices or face going out of business. Click on the Eco Economics tab to read about the company's mission and goals.