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I love and encourage comments from my readers 🙂


Receiving feedback is awesome because its one way for me to know what content you enjoyed or what you would like to learn more about. I want to hear your thoughts about my content and create a community around the topic of sustainability and financial freedom.


Eco Economics is about spreading knowledge and creating a supportive community through content and communication.


I have created a few community guidelines regarding comments to facilitate a happy and harmonious environment.


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Thank you for your comments and contributions to this website! I really do appreciate it!

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Lynzee Lai

The goal of this site is to increase conscious consumerism (when consumers “vote” for earth-friendly products and practices by purchasing from companies who put its people and the planet first). The idea is that if there is a high demand for products that protect the environment, companies will be incentivized to expand their earth friendly product lines. On the other hand, environmentally damaging companies will be economically motivated to change their practices or face going out of business. Click on the Eco Economics tab to read about the company's mission and goals.