My Big Hairy Audacious Goal:

To help you live a more sustainable lifestyle by giving you the tools you need to reduce your environmental impact while also helping you to understand the world of finance!
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Hey There!


My name is Lynzee, and I want to help you gain your financial freedom by going green! 

I have been a licensed broker in the real estate industry since 2010, and have a Master’s Degree in Business Administration with an Emphasis in Renewable Technology. Eco Economics allows me to combine my two passions while feeling like I am making a meaningful impact on the world and on everyday people like you!


At the age of 21, I created a company that later successfully sold for a couple million dollars in 2015 (more details can be found in the section titled My First Company). I purchased my first home when I was 23 and flipped it by the age of 28. I used the 2-of-5 year rule which meant that I did not have to pay taxes (up to $250,000 in capital gains tax) on the appreciation of the property.   


After the sale of the company, I reinvested nearly all of the money into different real estate projects. I would love to tell you that creating the company was super easy, but it wasn’t! I worked For Keller Williams and Berkshire Hathaway HS (in the residential real estate sales sector) to keep myself afloat while working on my company before 9 am and after 6 pm. Let me tell you, I cried a lot during this time in my life! Real estate sales are commission based and super competitive. Not to mention, I got licensed in the middle of the Great Recession and had just moved to a new city.


I grew up in Southern California. When I told my father that I was going to move to Las Vegas to become an entrepreneur and start a company with friends… He reacted like any father would. He was not happy, to say the least. Fortunately, he was still very supportive (morally, and not financially). My father lives in Topanga Canyon (a very hippy place), and I have always been passionate about the outdoors.


Although the first company that I created was successful, it didn’t fulfill me because it lacked one very important component. This time around I want to build a company that helps others and makes a meaningful impact on our society. For my second company, I want to combine my two passions to help promote sustainable living and assist you by explaining how you can master the world of finance.


I am a lifelong student and consume a book every one-and-a-half weeks. I enjoy reading on the following topics: Personal finance, tax strategy, real estate, retirement investments, time management, organizational skill, personal growth, sustainability, zero waste, and renewable resources/technologies.


A few of my favorite authors are Malcolm Gladwell, Tony Robbins, Stephen Covey, Napoleon Hill, Stephen Hawking, Sheryl Sandberg, Angela Duckworth, Peter Drucker, Eckhart Tolle, Ray Dalio, Christine Carter Ph.D, Deepak Chopra M.D. and Michio Kaku.

My First Company

In 2011, I started a company called Select Lockers LLC with a few friends. At the time of sale, we had 13 locations across the Las Vegas Strip. Select Lockers owned 1,300 cell phone-charging lockers within major hotels such as the Bellagio, MGM Grand, the Venetian, and the Cosmopolitan Hotel. From 2011 to 2015 I was the COO (Chief Operations Officer) and a managing partner. I oversaw a staff of 10 individuals, and throughout that time I handled all of the daily operations. While the company was still in the start-up phase, I worked in the residential real estate industry.

Real Estate Work History

I worked in the residential real estate sales sector for four years while Select Lockers was transitioning from a concept in my mind into a real company. After selling the company, I went back into the residential real estate sector.


I worked for an appraisal management company for two years while I obtained my Master’s Degree in Business Administration. I assessed foreclosure properties, valued capital market portfolios, and provided flip property/return on investment analysis. Our clients consisted of large banks and government entities such as Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac. I consistently achieved an average revision rate of 2% or less, which means that my work was accepted by these entities 98% of the time.

Eco Economics LLC


I am shocked that some of the most important topics like personal finance and environmental sustainability are not taught as part of the standard school curriculum. The monetary system touches every individual’s life, yet for some reason, we don’t teach people how to manage or navigate their personal finances.


We automatically expect that people know how FICO scores, credit cards, saving for retirement and managing a budget work. Did they teach you about FICO scores or how much to have in revolving debt? How about what goes into calculating your credit score? What about the yearly maximum you can save for retirement? Or how to dollar cost average?


If not, you are not alone!


Environmental sustainability is another subject that is not being widely talked about. There are nearly 7.3 billion people on this planet, and the human race is growing exponentially. Every individual has an impact and can make an impact on how we use our resources. There is NO Planet B.


*According to Michio Kaku (an industry-leading theoretical physicist), we are not going to have the technology to terraform (transform the dirt, atmosphere, etc.) Mars or any other planet within the next 200 years. 

*Steven Hawking (the Einstein of our time) has said that if we do not change the current output of carbon emissions, the earth is likely to become uninhabitable in the next 200 years! 

This means that we HAVE to change our current habits to live more sustainably or face our own DEMISE! 


I don’t want to paint a picture of doom and gloom, but the situation is critical and it is our lives at stake. The goal of Eco Economics is to shed light on these topics and provide a single platform for you to learn about and purchase green goods. When you purchase sustainable products, it signals to the market that there is a demand for these items. Companies are then incentivized to produce more of these products.


Eco Economics hopes to create demand for eco-friendly products so that more companies will expand their eco-friendly product lines, and produce fewer harmful or plastic products. Businesses follow the money, and this is how we can change the world (through our everyday purchasing decisions).


We are constantly using products with harsh chemicals or plastics with a long shelf-life. I have created a Sustainability Shop and have done the work of reading the labels and reviews to offer the best sustainable products on the market. This collection of sustainable living and health products have been amassed in one place for your convenience. Let’s change the world by becoming conscious consumers. Happy Shopping!




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Lynzee Lai

The goal of this site is to increase conscious consumerism (when consumers “vote” for earth-friendly products and practices by purchasing from companies who put its people and the planet first). The idea is that if there is a high demand for products that protect the environment, companies will be incentivized to expand their earth friendly product lines. On the other hand, environmentally damaging companies will be economically motivated to change their practices or face going out of business. Click on the Eco Economics tab to read about the company's mission and goals.