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Making your home more energy efficient reduces the use of the Earth’s non-renewable resources, helps curb pollution, allows us to breath cleaner air, and offers thousands of dollars in savings. Here are 8 ways to reduce global warming by increasing your energy efficiency.


8 Ways to Increasing Energy Efficiency to Prevent Climate Change



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8 Ways to Reduce Global Warming by Increasing Your Energy Efficiency:

Insulation Socket Sealer

1. Electrical Outlet Insulation:

Your home is like a block of swiss cheese, and the goal of insulating your home is to plug as many holes (in your home’s envelope) up as possible.

There are many places that these holes exist. Start with easy and cheap insulation fixes, like electrical outlets.


2. Air Filters: 

Regularly replace the filters on your furnaces and air conditioners. It requires more energy to suck air through dirty air filters because particles prevent the air from easily flowing through the filters.


3. Thermostat: 

Turn your thermostat down at night and when you leave the house. Wear a jacket and socks indoors to save money on your heating bill.


4. Tankless Water Heaters:

Install an on-demand (or tankless) hot water heater. These types of hot water heaters only heat water when you need it. Click here to read an article that will show you how to find rebates on appliance and energy efficiency updates to your home.

The search is based on your zip code and the rebates will be tailored to the specific area that you live in.


100 watt lights


5. LED Light Bulbs: 

Replace light bulbs with LED lights. Learn how you can save over $5,000 by switching to LED lights. According to EnergyStar.gov, the average home has approximately 40 lightbulbs.


Energy star rated light bulbs


You can save $128 per 100 watt light bulb equivalent over the life of the LED light by making the switch.

That’s 40 lights x $128= $5,120 saved! 

This photo, provided by USA Today, shows the amount you will save per light bulb for each a 60-watt bulb that you replace.

USA today LED


6. Low Flow Water Conservation Kit: 

Install a water conservation kit, which can be found at the Sustainability Shop. The water conservation kit is very inexpensive and includes low flow shower showerheads and faucet converters. This kit can save you up to 12,000 gallons of water per year (household of 4).Insulation Window Kit


7. Window Insulation:


The Duck Brand is a winner in the do-it-yourself insulation industry. The kit allows you to cover five 3′ x 5′ windows.

How does it work? You adhere a clear film to your window and simply use a hair dryer to shrink-wrap it to the glass’ surface.

Don’t worry, the film is completely see-through. This film helps prevent drafts and heat loss which provides a drastic increase in your home’s energy efficiency and can reduce your utility bill by hundreds of dollars per year. 

For additional energy efficiency, you can apply the film twice which will create an airtight lining over your window. 

The film is crystal clear so you can see outside, even with two layers.

The kit contains a 62″ x 210″ crystal clear film and a 1/2-inch by 84-feet (1080″) roll of double-sided tape. 

If you are not into the DIY scene, you can always go the easy route and grab these Blackout Insulation Curtains that are Insulating Black out curtains specifically manufactured to insulate your home.

These curtains block out sunlight to keep the heat out during the summer. They are thick and made from 100% polyester (Faux silk), which provides thermal insulation during the winter.

Moreover,  these curtains block out light (better sleep benefits) protect your furniture from color fading, and provide privacy. 

They are waterproof and you can either dry clean or machine wash them.

Each package comes with 1 panel, and the dimensions are 42″ W x 63″ L.


8. Use a Fan Instead of the A/C: 

Use a fan to circulate air in your home on hot days.  Fans are much more energy efficient than air conditioners.

Remember, fossil fuels and coal make up nearly 62%  of how we generate electricity in the U.S.



The 10,000 Foot Overview:


The federal/state governments and even some local utility companies offer tax breaks and incentives when you upgrade your home to be more energy efficient.

To learn more about these tax credits and rebates, read my article called: Renewable Energy Tax Credits, Incentives, and Rebates

The article will link you to the EnergyStar website where you can look up specific rebates and energy saving programs that your utility company may offer.

Becoming a Sustainability Hero has health, environment, and budget benefits.

If global warming, resource depletion, and climate change are important to you, then pre-enroll for the free Sustainability mini-course to learn about other money-saving green swaps and actions that you can take to save the world!

By visiting the Sustainability Shop you can check out energy efficiency and water conservation conversion kits, solar products, zero-waste, and minimally packaged home goods.


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