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I wanted to share a few great quotes that I found.

Hopefully, you will take some time to really think about their message. There are always ways to implement more sustainable practices into your daily routine.

I urge you to think about what kind of world you want your children to grow up in. One that is filled with smog, large oceanic garbage patches, and acid rain? Or one that has an unlimited supply of renewable electricity.

Sustainability and the environment

Is the US Falling Behind?

According to the US Energy Information Administration, in 2017 renewable energy accounted for only 11% of the total U.S. energy consumption and about 17% of electricity generation.

How is this possible?

Growing up, it was common to hear about how awesome the cutting-edge technology in the United States was. Unfortunately, it seems that times are changing.

The Financial Times recently wrote an article stating that America is falling behind in the field of renewable energy technology.

“The US is falling behind other countries in advanced energy technologies, threatening national security and undermining its global influence, former generals and admirals in the US military are warning the Trump administration.”

As a result, it seems that the tide is turning and we are not keeping up with the rest of the world.

Sustainability and the environment


In the meantime, we can make sustainability a burning issue by talking about it and making it a topic that politicians can’t ignore.

The fact is that half of the states have legalized marijuana (either for medical or recreational uses) … If a bunch of stoners were able to collect enough signatures to decriminalize pot, then concerned citizens who want to live in a society with limitless renewable energy resources should be able to mobilize too.

(No offense to stoners, I happen to have a few friends who enjoy pot and I love them very much. I was just using this for an example).

If getting renewable energy measures on the ballot is possible, then we must make it a priority to have sustainability discussions so that our voices are heard.

Making Sustainability Cool:

Sustainability and the environment

Another great way of supporting a new initiative is to make it cool! Let’s make “Green the New Black!”

Kind of like how smoking cigarettes was cool, but its image has changed so drastically over the past several decades.


Continuing to Support Businesses and Politicians Who Back Big Oil:

As our nation continues to invest in fossil fuels, our infrastructure becomes more entrenched in oil technologies making it even more difficult to make the switch to green energy.

The continued support of fossil fuels is at the detriment of the environment and our health. Many of the costs that our society bares is unseen, such as the increase in medical expenses due to respiratory illnesses.

If every individual only supported green companies through conscious consumerism, we can begin to make the shift toward a more renewable energy society.

Sustainability and the environment


Fossil fuel is a finite resource, and we will HAVE to find a different source of energy at some point in the future.

Why wait? Or continue investing in an antiquated fuel resource?

Almost everyone I come across seems to know that sustainability and global warming is an issue. They all seem to think that we will have to make the transition someday soon.

What are we waiting for?

Sustainability and the environment


What Can You Do?

Learn about sustainable living and put those habits into practice.

If you are remodeling your home, consider implementing a green energy efficient design.

We live in a throwaway society and need to retrain ourselves to live more simply.

One shocking statistic that I found is that although the United States makes up less than 5 % of the global population, we use about a quarter of the world’s fossil fuel resources (According to the World Watch Institute).

We should realize that all natural resources have a life attached to them. For example, cutting down the rainforest not only kills the trees but also eliminates the habitat for its wildlife.

You may counter that many logging companies replant trees for their future bounty. I would argue back that the loggers are only planting the one or two species of trees that they want to harvest in the future. This action reduces the number of species and varieties of plants in the forest.

Sustainability and the environment


As children, we were all taught about the three R’s (reduce, reuse, and recycle). Have music videos and reality TV shows brainwashed us into thinking that we all need a yacht to be happy?

This article isn’t about making you feel bad. It’s about getting you to realize that unless everyone jumps on the sustainability train, our resources will slowly dwindle and disappear. A simple supply and demand equation will tell you that when there are fewer resources, prices will skyrocket, and resources will be out of reach for many of the planet’s population.

Sustainability and the environment

Sustainability is About Preserving and Protecting Our  Planet:

We need to preserve and protect the planet by making it a part of our daily lives. I am sure many of you have children or want children.

We should ask ourselves, “What kind of world do we want them to grow up in?”

Sustainability and the environment

This is a complex issue with many moving parts, and I want your input. What do you think is preventing us from making the switch to a renewable and sustainable society?



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