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There are many ways to go green, reduce your carbon footprint, and increase your environmental impact awareness. Today, I am going to address 10 ways to increase your green living practices!

10 ways to Green Living


First, if you plan on purchasing any new appliances, look for products that have the ENERGY STAR® and WaterSense® ratings or logos.

The ENERGY STAR® rating system is a voluntary program launched by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

These programs help consumers identify products that are environmentally friendly. Moreover, people who want to go green can save money and protect the environment by reducing their electricity consumption.

According to HomeDepot.com, in 2016, the company saved their customers $903 million in energy costs.

Additionally, 76 billion gallons of water were reduced through the installation of low flow appliances!

Low flow appliance adaptors can make a significant impact on your utility bill! Want to save money on your next utility bill? Read on 🙂



How to Conserve Water: 


According to the Water Research Foundation, toilets, showers, and faucets are the biggest users of our water resources.

Toilets, faucets, and showers use approximately 63% of an average American’s home water bill. You can easily save tons of water by converting your current faucets and showers into low flow versions with the attachments below.

Both the low-flow shower head and faucet converters are WaterSense approved. What’s more, by switching to the low flow showerhead you can save 10,000+ gallons of water per year! 

Switching over to a low-flow shower head is a great investment because it will hit its breakeven cost quickly!


sustainability clean water showerhead

           Low-Flow Shower Head

sustainability clean water Sense water faucet

        Low-Flow Faucet Converter

sustainable water displacement bag

        Water Displacement Pouch


Did you know that you can save as much as 2,500 gallons of water per year by using a simple water displacement bag

These three, relatively inexpensive, conversion attachments can make a huge impact. Moreover, it is much cheaper than purchasing a low flow toilet (which could run you $400-$800).

These three eco-friendly products are my number one recommendation for water conservation. Remember, even though the planet is covered with water, only 1% is available for human use and consumption.

To put the water conservation effort into perspective, the World Bank estimates that 40% of the global population already suffers from water scarcity.

With the world’s population exploding and estimates that the number of inhabitants reaching upwards of 9 billion individuals by the year 2050, we need to focus on conservation now.


The Conscious Consumerism: 


In recent years, customers have requested (by voting with their dollars) that businesses increase product lines with higher energy efficiency ratings. 

When consumers, like you, focus their spending on sustainable conscious consumerism, businesses create eco-friendly products and find ways to reduce their impact on the environmental.

The bottom line is, YOU can change what products companies create and sell!

Now more than ever, companies are constantly working with their suppliers to improve their products to conserve resources.  Not only is resource conservation beneficial to the environment, but it is also beneficial to the company’s bottom line. Fewer resources used, equals fewer input costs.

Rewarding Some Behaviors While Punishing Others: 


Green living and sustainable living

I am sure many of you are pet owners, and just like training a puppy we need to train companies. We should reward them by purchasing their products if they act in socially responsible ways, and punish them when they ruin the environment.

If you boycott products that contain harsh chemical ingredients, companies will no longer have a market to sell to.

On the other hand, by purchasing WaterSense and EnergyStar products you will increase the demand for these products. This will, in turn, make it more profitable for companies to produce these resource-saving product lines. 



Growing Organic Herbs:



Herb sustainable Aquaponic Herb Garden

Aquaponic Herb Garden

Buying herbs at the store is terrible for the environment. You get a tiny not-so-fresh packet of herbs in a  one-time use plastic container. Not to mention that you only get a couple of ounces for $3…

The Solution: Engage your inner scientist! Nothing is cooler than this Aquaponic Herb Garden, because provides fresh herbs and microgreens on demand!!!

The best thing about this herb garden is that you can have a rotating crop of organic herbs and microgreens in your kitchen or office!

Fresh basil for everyone year round!

Moreover, the manufacturer gives a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If your kit doesn’t grow as described, they’ll replace it free of charge or provide a 100% refund. 

Get back to the basics and learn how to grow edible, gourmet, organic microgreens, and wheatgrass on top of a fish tank ecosystem!

Furthermore, you can begin harvesting the included organic microgreen seeds in as little as 10 days. 


Green living micro greensWhat Are Microgreens?:


According to Medical News Today, microgreens are the seedlings of vegetables and herbs.

They are harvested between 1-3 weeks after being planted, and it is believed that microgreens are high in antioxidant content that promotes health or assists in disease prevention.

Plant-based foods support a healthy complexion, increase in energy, lower weight, and a longer life expectancy.

Several studies have demonstrated that microgreens have high levels of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Furthermore, they are rich in enzymes, which makes them easily digestible.

Some of the most popularly consumed microgreens are:

  •  cilantro
  • amaranth
  • arugula
  • radish
  • basil
  • beets
  • broccoli
  • kale

With the Aquaponic Herb Garden, you can grow the freshest ingredients for smoothies, salads, and garnishes.

This fish tank is a scaled-down aquaponics system, so the fish waste fertilizes the plants, and the plants clean the water!

To check out this awesome self-cleaning Aquaponic Herb Garden that grows organic microgreens click here!


Going Green: Building Facts


Did you know that building green only costs 3% to 5% more than conventional buildings cost to construct? Moreover, this cost is offset by the energy and utility bill saving you will accrue over the life of the building.

What’s more is that according to Inhabitat.com, many retailers are working with their suppliers to bring the costs down to compete directly with conventional products.

Over the long run, green buildings can reduce energy use by 30% – 50%!!!  Not to mention, green buildings can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 35%.

Last, but definitely not the least, green buildings can reduce water usage by up to 40%!


10 Ways to Go Green:


1) Switch to cloth napkins – instead of using paper towels (5 helpful tips)

2) Pack your lunch in reusable glass Tupperware (instead of one-time use ziplock bags)

3) Grow your own food – start an Aquaponic Herb Garden

4) Paint/build your home with eco-friendly materials (avoid paints with VOC chemicals)

5) Insulate your home (Down the Free Home Energy Audit Guide)


[convertkit form=5211613]


6) Use ENERGY STAR® and WaterSense® appliances

7) Install solar panels – to reduce the energy you use from the grid, which is typically powered by fossil fuels (32% of U.S. electricity generation in 2017) and coal (30%) 

8) Choose local plants to landscape your garden- ones that naturally inhabit your area (i.e. plants that require less watering)

9) Eat locally grown food

10) Become a Reducetarian



How You and I Can Make an Impact Together: 


This blog is about changing your daily habits by purchasing eco-friendly versions of products that you already use or ones that will benefit your health, save you money, and the environment.

I love 2-for-1 or 3-for-1 benefit situations. I am not going to try to sell you a $500 fancy wooden eco-friendly watch… Because I want this site to be about getting the masses to change their habits to make the biggest impact.

As flashy and sexy as an electric Lamborghini is, it’s not going to save the planet and most people can’t afford one.

When “Organic” first became trendy, food products were 3x more expensive. The average person can’t afford to shop at Wholes Food.

Going sustainable shouldn’t be reserved for the wealthy. Besides, they are the smallest portion of the population.

To make large changes, small changes by millions of people need to happen.

I want to make the biggest impact, and the way to do that is to find ways that I can help the most amount of people transition to a sustainable lifestyle.

If you are enjoying this content and want to join me in my quest to save the world, help by transitioning your current lifestyle into a more sustainable version. Oh, and don’t forget! The goal is to get as many people on this bandwaggon as possible, so remember to share this content so we can spread the word!

Green living is a must because by 2050 there will be 9 billion of us around.

What You Eat Matters:


Sustainable living Reducetarian Solution

The consumption of meat produces a large amount of methane, which is considered a greenhouse gas.

Reducetarians are committed to eating less meat (red meat, poultry, seafood, milk, and eggs), regardless of the degree or motivation.

This concept is appealing because not everyone is willing to follow an “all-or-nothing” diet, and it allows room for a flexible intake of meat.

A fantastic book that explains how this diet works can be found on Audibles and by clicking this link. The Reducetarian Solution: How the Surprisingly Simple Act of Reducing the Amount of Meat in Your Diet Can Transform Your Health and the Planet“.

Time management and efficiency apple earbuds

As you know, I am a huge fan of listening to books on audio because it allows me to crush a book every week and a half. If you are not familiar with how I do this, click here. 

Psst. Here is my secret! I love my Apple earbuds. I can listen to audible books in the car, on the go, and while I work out. Plus, they automatically pause whatever is playing when you take one earbud out.

You can even listen with just one earbud in and the other in the charger. The earbuds hold about 2 hours of change, and the case itself holds 4-5 charges!

The earbuds are integrated with Siri, so I can pick up, make phone calls, and adjust the sound without ever touching my phone!!!

The reducetarian cookbook

If you are ready to get started on the reducetarian lifestyle, this cookbook has many delicious meals to choose from! The Reducetarian Cookbook: 125 Easy, Healthy, and Delicious Plant-Based Recipes for Omnivores, Vegans, and Everyone In-Between“.






A Quick Overview of the Reducetarian Lifestyle:





By making these simple adjustments to your daily habits, you can easily reduce your carbon footprint and become more aware of your environmental impact.

Take action now! tomorrow is always a day away.

If you have any helpful carbon reduction tips, please share by commenting below! 


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